Brianna Laugher

selfie on the O'Keefe Rail Trail
O'Keefe Rail Trail, Bendigo.

Hi there! Welcome to my vanity domain. I'm a Python software developer in Melbourne, Australia, interested in computational linguistics and scientific programming. I also have a love for free software. And as you can see, I'm kind of a big deal when it comes to taking cycling selfies. Would you like to read my blog techiturn? Or wander around, my side-project sandbox.

Other places you can find me are Stack Overflow, Github, Bitbucket, and Launchpad, even.

I have spoken at many free software related conferences, national and international, including Wikimania, and PyCon AU. See slideshare for my slides from these talks.

For resumes of sorts see LinkedIn or

The background tile is Kale Salad by Claudio Guglieri from The Pattern Library.