"Recently shared links" widget for Newsblur

9 July 2013, 00:13

I am a big convert to the open source Newsblur in the wake of Google Reader’s death, and I have a blurblog AKA a feed of my shared stories. Since GReader is now really really REAL dead, it occurred to me I should update the widget in the footer of my blog that would display a list of links to the 5 latest stories I had shared. (Probably should have done that a year ago or whenever I switched over. Ah well.)

I am pretty pleased that the very thing I found in a search ended up working a charm. Check out Feed2JS. You can customise how many items to list, and whether or not to list snippets or just the link.

Finding the URL of the feed that makes up your blurblog can be a little difficult, what with the great feed icon removal sweep amongst browsers a couple of years ago. However it is easy to find inside Newsblur itself in the “site settings”:

And the JS does the job:


If your blog is in Wordpress this is super easy to do because there is already a widget called “RSS”, and all you need to do is give it that feed URL:

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