Dynamic visualisation in the IPython Notebook - My talk at PyCon AU 2013

14 July 2013, 00:07

Last Sunday I gave my talk at PyCon AU 2013. I am pretty happy with how it went. It is a look at how to embed maps with gridded data in IPython Notebooks.


The IPython Notebook is a powerful web app for exploring ideas and data sets with Python. It has excellent integration with Matplotlib, giving the user highly customisable static plots with ease. But for larger data sets, a static plot may not be ideal – the ability to pan, zoom, choose dynamic layers and sample the data at particular points would be nice. This talk will demonstrate just how easy it is to integrate a Web Map Service/client such as Pydap/Leaflet.js into the IPython Notebook.

This talk was heavily inspired by my workmate Nathan’s project leafvis, where he basically built his own WMS server. That seemed like a lot of hard work to me, so I tried to figure out how to do the same thing without all the effort. :)

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