2014 February
23 » #New project problems   [3]
I-know-how-to-program wankery (get to the content already)
19 » New project: Crowdfunded Free Software (CFFSW)   [1]
The launch of a new blog, which aims to chronicle crowdfunding campaigns for free software and related endeavours.
11 » Some Newsblur fangirling
Notes on customising your Newsblur shared items page, intelligence training and the Android app.
09 » Love this observation
@xor: "Incredible how it is basically impossible to either remove something from the Internet completely or keep it online permanently."
05 » Best of LCA2014 - Space experiments for $300, and HTML editing in 300 languages
A pointer to my two favourite talks at LCA 2014 - Jon Oxer's keynote "Deploying software updates to ArduSat in orbit", and "Visual Editor" by James Forrester and Roan Kattouw of the Wikimedia Foundation.
2013 December
16 » It's all about the framing: connections between free software, rape culture and labour rights
Riffing off a Free Software Foundation article from July 2012 about DRM and the weirdly complacent relationship most people have with corporations today.
2013 November
01 » Impostor Syndrome vs Everyday Extraordinary Syndrome   [1]
Impostor Syndrome is a natural outcome for women in a male-dominated field who are constantly told, explicitly and implicitly, that they don't belong. But what about the flip side - men who constantly receive the message that their achievements are solely due to their superior brains and clever wit?
2013 October
22 » An interview with a conference organiser
In which an organiser tries to explain why there are no women at the conference.
15 » My First Patch
A little brag about my first decent sized code contribution to an open source project.
2013 September
25 » Using tricky key functions for sort/min/max in Python
Python sorting 201.
2013 August
28 » The Ada Initiative - Supporting those who have supported me
An appeal to donate to the Ada Initiative fundraiser, and a potted history of my involvement with free culture and free software.
2013 July
14 » Dynamic visualisation in the IPython Notebook - My talk at PyCon AU 2013
Video of my talk at PyCon AU, about how to embed maps with gridded data in IPython Notebooks.
14 » PyCon AU 2013 highlights
Summary of my favourite talks at PyCon AU 2013, in Hobart.
09 » "Recently shared links" widget for Newsblur
HOWTO add links from your latest shared items on Newsblur to your blog.
2013 April
12 » A look at Google Play - another option for DRM-free music in Australia
A look at Bigpond Music and Google Play Music as two good options for buying DRM-free music in Australia.
2013 February
28 » OpenTechSchool Python tutorials begin in Melbourne
In which I learn you can program Logo (that is, a robot turtle) in Python.
2013 January
30 » The progressive speaking stack, in Python   [2]
Implementing concepts from Occupy Wall Street in Python, as you do.
30 » Choosing our words - LCA2013   [2]
Discussion of the different connotations of the terms "freedom" and "autonomy" amongst free software and activist communities.
2012 August
24 » My talk at PyCon AU 2012 - "Funcargs and other fun with pytest"
Video, slides and code from my talk at PyCon AU.
2012 February
29 » "RTFM" for women in tech   [1]
How to avoid Feminism 101 discussions when you're a woman in tech - hand out cards that say "RTFM" and point to the Geek Feminism resources. :)
2011 May
09 » Teching around
GGD Melbourne, Zookeepr, Arduino.
2011 January
24 » LCA2011, day 1   [1]
LCA2011 day 1 impressions (including my 3 miniconf talks).
2010 December
01 » A phone upgrade   [1]
From the Nokia 3315 to the Samsung Galaxy S - a decade in mobile phone models.
2010 October
19 » Updating my WikiReader - a tale of 7-Zip
A detailed walk-through of how to update a WikiReader device. Plus, pictures. :)
17 » Out and about in October
Two speaking things this month for me - a conference in Shanghai and a panel discussion in Melbourne.
10 » WikiReaders in Officeworks!   [1]
A WikiReader is a small device to read Wikipedia offline. And Officeworks sells them for $98. Nice. :)
07 » Six weeks of commuting with Melbourne Bike Share   [6]
Talking about my use of the Melbourne Bike Share scheme (where communal bikes are available across the city and can be used for free if returned within 30 minutes), as part of my commute to work.
2010 September
29 » Trampoline Day, a mental circus
On Sunday I had the pleasure of attending my first Trampoline Day ( ), an unconference with a very broad scope and the remit "share what you find amazing".The topics covered were very broad, from the expected technical topics, to psychology and mental health, meditation, running and foot anatomy, and a sangria making class.
20 » Software Freedom Day is... over!
Some photos, video and tweets from Melbourne's Software Freedom Day at the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne.
10 » Software Freedom Day is just 8 days away!
Software Freedom Day is coming up. And it will kick ass, especially if you help! :)
2010 August
30 » Getting virtualenv(wrapper) and Fabric to play nice
Some tips on using virtualenv(wrapper) with fabric for easier deploying of Python web apps.
05 » Language Sleuthing HOWTO with NLTK
Slides from a talk I gave at the Linux Users of Victoria meeting, "Language Sleuthing HOWTO: Discovering Interesting Things with Python’s Natural Language Tool Kit".
2010 June
14 » Geeky accessories 2
Plastic tangram camel earrings. That's all you need to know!
06 » Geeky accessories
They use 3D printing to make earrings. Neato.
2010 May
17 » Some Wikimedia news
Links to a talk I gave at the NLA's Innovative Ideas Forum.
2010 April
27 » Digikam on Ubuntu 9.10
Ah Digikam, what went wrong between Xubuntu 8.04 and Ubuntu 9.10? Maybe "It'll ship when it's ready" isn't such a bad policy.
18 » Amusing MediaWiki bug report
What do you do when something goes wrong in the world? Like, say, a volcano goes off and shuts down most air travel in Europe? Well, you file a bug, obvs. :)
08 » Your router is a web server   [2]
Ordinary router + OpenWrt + Arduino + Pachube = your plants on Twitter. oh yes.
07 » Drawing directions with canvas and JavaScript
JavaScript is such great cheap magic.
2010 March
24 » "Go to the top": women at the Australian weather bureau
Brief overview of women at the Bureau of Meteorology during World War II and since. Brief bio on Dame Beryl Beaurepaire.
10 » A reason to love Ubuntu 9.10: add-apt-repository
From Ubuntu 9.10, PPAs on Launchpad can be easily added to one's sources list by "add-apt-repository ppa:foo/ppa". Excellent!
08 » New computer: Hardware & OS   [1]
Shiny new hardware! Plus the trials and tribulations of installing Ubuntu 9.10 from scratch.
2010 February
20 » LUV Beginners Workshop, Scratch & crochet   [2]
MY first Scratch project and my first crochet attempts. YARLY.
16 » Bureau of Meteorology & Senator Kate Lundy in Senate Estimates   [1]
Senator Lundy asks the director of the Bureau of Meteorology about their web presence and licensing of data.
2010 January
31 » Bugtracking software gripes
Why aren't bug trackers perfect yet?!
29 » Revisiting craft   [3]
Light bulb moment: Why have I felt the urge to shun or pooh-pooh traditional/stereotypical women's hobbies? Why do I feel so perversely pleased in pursuing traditionally male-dominated things?
23 » Security 101: updating web-based software   [1]
Thinking out loud about the best way to keep my web apps up to date.
20 » LCA Geek Assembly - meet the Rainbowduino
Video of a Rainbowduino in full-colour action and some brief hardware pulling-apart.
19 » LCA recap - Code of our own   [1]
Summary of Liz Henry's talk "Code of our own", at the Haecksen/LinuxChix miniconf, LCA 2010.
2009 December
07 » Scrabble quibblers   [3]
Scrabble: play to the Scrabble dictionary, and no one gets hurt.
07 » Job-finding
How to get a job from attending user groups, in ? easy steps.
2009 November
15 » Frogspotter v4 and GGD Afternoon Hack
JavaScript debugging for the rest of us.
13 » Capitalism and power - a sharp reminder   [2]
What if women ruled the world? No, really.
08 » Frogspotter v3 and MelHack wrap-up
Latest screenshots of frogspotter, and a summary of melhack.
08 » Frogspotter v2
Frogspotter v2 - now with colour.
07 » MelHack - But does it have frogs?   [5]
frogspotter v1 is born at melhack - a Melbourne Hack Weekend hosted by Lonely Planet.
2009 October
25 » GGD Afternoon Hack II - Saturday November 14th (date change!)
GGD Afternoon Hack the Sequel. November 14, ThoughtWorks, bring your hacker friends and your laptop.
07 » Job-hunting   [3]
Blog author now available for hire!
05 » The mysteries of the rich
The strange hobbies and happenings of the rich, as reported in BRW's 2009 Young Rich list.
2009 September
23 » Video editing 101 with ffmpeg
Some ffmpeg commands to do basic video editing.
21 » Software Freedom Day recap
Why is understanding code, let alone software freedom, important? Also, rollicking 3 minute video of geeks giving talks. YARLY.
14 » Conversation traffic   [1]
An analogy: Explicit road rules = language grammar, Implicit traffic rules = conversational norms.
13 » September high   [1]
LUV ctte! Wikimania! BarCamp! (Lightning talk!) MXUG! Software Freedom Day! (Is September nearly over?)
2009 August
19 » BarCamp is three weeks away!
Plug for the upcoming September Melbourne BarCamp.
13 » Finding COCOA in CHOCOLATE without a dictionary?
Given a set of letters, how can you find all the valid words that can be made from them... without a dictionary?
03 » GGD Afternoon Hack - Sunday 9th August
2009 July
27 » Software Freedom Day - speakers wanted
CFP for SFD.
22 » MXUG-style GGD recap
Recap of the first MXUG-style Girl Geek Dinner in Melbourne last night, + slides from my talk.
15 » Using bzr for developing a web app
In which I discover some nice bzr tools.
11 » MXUG-style Girl Geek Dinner, Melbourne   [2]
A short story called When MXUG & GGD Had A Baby. Due out 21st July.
2009 June
30 » Forking out eyeballs
25 » FITT for management?   [6]
Is it too much to ask to have at least one woman who works in IT to take part in an event for women in the IT industry?
21 » Miniconf for adoption   [1]
Free as in Freedom miniconf free to good home. Seeks caring NZ owner with no previous commitments. Non-smokers only.
11 » Programmers on TV
"Its a bit like changing the windscreen to get your car started."
11 » cIIF by MMV
An interesting grants program I discovered coming out of Multimedia Victoria, called the "Collaborative Internet Innovation Fund".
2009 May
17 » FLOSS personal accounting 101
An initial grapple with the free software offerings in the personal finance category.
10 » Feeling charitable   [1]
What if supporting/developing FLOSS was considered charitable?
2009 April
20 » Notes on 'Unlocking IP'
Link to notes and video from the 2009 Unlocking IP conference.
01 » Open sourcing software - pop quiz   [8]
How can a company release existing software under an open source license without just "dumping" it, and foster a community of development? And can you do it succesfully without being Sun or Canonical?
2009 March
24 » Ada Lovelace Day: Stormy Peters   [2]
Ada Lovelace Day is an international day of blogging to draw attention to women excelling in technology. I talk about Stormy Peters, ED of the GNOME Foundation.
16 » StixCamp write-up
It's a BarCamp! In the sticks! At a winery! With awesome food! And the usual (?) interesting folk and deep geeking out.
03 » An unsurprising exchange
A brief email exchange after announcing a LinuxChix meetup. This is just a touch ranty.
2009 January
31 » Django plans for
Plans for a Django project to build
28 » On being selfish   [2]
Contemplations on Mary Gardiner's talk "Starting your free software adventure", and a comment on "girl stuff".
26 » LCA 2009 recap
Overview/recap of LCA 2009.
25 » Techiturn is born